Janice Pendarvis is an eclectic, elegant, enthusiastic and world-class performer known for singing R&B, pop, jazz, reggae, rock and avant-garde music.   She has worked with a diverse roster of artists including David Bowie, Sting, Steely Dan, Gossip, Roberta Flack, Laurie Anderson, Peter Tosh, Philip Glass, The Rolling Stones, Najee, Ben E. King, Aaron Neville, Barry White, The O’Jay’s, Jimmy Cliff.

You may have seen Janice singing with the stars in New York at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony; on channel 13 (WNET) in New York co-hosting a pledge drive; on tour with Sting or on any number of Letterman and SNL shows or live gigs as a featured soloist or background singer. She has sung on live shows all over the world; on records and CD's; commercials, TV and films.

Janice can currently be seen in the Oscar and Grammy award winning documentary, Twenty Feet From Stardom, which explores the profound role background singers have played in popular music.  As the first singer to speak in the film, she sets the tone for the film with warmth, energy, knowledge and insight. Janice is featured in the films Bring on the Night, Michael Apted’s documentary about the launch of Sting’s solo career and Home of the Brave, Laurie Anderson’s filmed version of her Mr. Heartbreak tour. You can also see her on Sting’s All This Time DVD that chronicles how the events of 9/11/01 intersected with the plans for a major concert at Sting’s home in Tuscany on the same day.    

Equally at home in her roles as a lead singer, background vocalist, announcer, voice actor and on-camera personality, Janice also has a distinguished career in voiceovers. There’s a chapter about Janice in a book featuring the top voiceover performers in the country, entitled, Secrets of Voiceover Success. Janice is also an associate professor in the Voice Dept. at Berklee College of Music and teaches vocal coaching in the Songwriting Dept. at NYU-Steinhart. She believes it’s important for industry veterans to pass on their knowledge so she’s dedicated to teaching the next generation of singers.

Janice grew up in Queens, New York.  Her mother was enamored with different forms of classical music so at an early age Janice fell in love with Coltrane, Miles, Bach, Beethoven.  The sudden realization that she was the only kid in the neighborhood who sang Coltrane’s solos made her get into more popular forms of music.  Her professional career as an entertainer began as a songwriter.  Producers and artists loved her song demos and kept asking a very shy and reluctant Janice Pendarvis to sing.  Fortunately, she finally gave in! 

Having done so much voice work over the years, the voice of Janice Pendarvis has become a part of the soundtrack of all of our lives.